Bite Corrector

The PowerScope 2 is an efficient way to correct mild to moderate bite problems (malocclusions). In the past, malocclusions have been treated with highly visible and uncomfortable external headgear/ protraction facemasks.

The PowerScope bite corrector is a low-profile fixed appliance that is attached to the upper and lower braces. It applies continuous forces to the teeth/ braces to help efficiently and effectively align your bite. Unlike the headgear/ facemask appliances, the PowerScope doesn’t need to be removed or adjusted, and the small, smooth appliance is barely noticeable.

We use the PowerScope 2 to treat:

  1. Mild to moderate bilateral overbites.
  2. Mild to moderate underbites.
  3. Off-center asymmetric bites.
  4. Midline misalignment.
  5. Space opening for implants.
  6. Space closure for missing teeth.


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