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Thumb Sucking, Tongue Thrust & Open Bite Gingival Recession due to Cross Bite Severe Overbite & Large Gap Cuspids (out of position) Posterior Cross Bite & Open Bite Open Bite Out of position Incisor Large Space Deep Bite Underbite Buck Teeth Severe Enamel Wear dur to poor Bite Crowding Large Space Narrow Palate High Cuspids Severe Deep Bite & Buck Teeth Deep Bite Severe Overbite / Overjet Severe Deep Bite Severe Constriction & Narrow Palate Missing Incisor High Cuspid & Cross Bite Large Front Space Deep Bite Severe Underbite Lower Cuspid out of Position Buck Teeth Severe Overjet Severe Open Bite & Peg Incisor
American Association of Orthodontists Invisalign Invisalign Teen Empower 2 Self LIgating Braces Spark Clear Aligners